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Organic Honey Vinegar

Honey vinegar is the oldest vinegar used by man. With a pleasantly sour taste, it is easily digestible and is rich in enzymes and mineral salts.
Aceto di Miele 250ml € 4.00
Aceto di Miele 500ml € 6.00
The Organic Italian Honey Vinegar is not pasteurized. Its slow and natural fermentation is achieved by autonomous development
of acetic bacteria and the processing is entirely natural, without the use of preservatives and additives.
Ingredients, certification, storage
Among the important properties of honey vinegar is its favorable action on the intestine and bacterial flora. The abundance of mineral salts and trace elements gives it remineralizing properties. It improves the fixation of calcium, prevents the decalcification of bones, teeth and hair and relieves joint pain, due to the deposition of calcium in the soft tissues. It also helps the metabolism of fats and proteins.
Excellent for dressing any type of salad, it makes meat and fish tastier and enriches sauces and sweet and sour with an extraordinary flavor.

Organic certification

Conservation method
Store in a cool and dry place, away from light and heat sources.
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