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Organic Acacia honey

High-quality Italian Acacia honey,  not pasteurized in order to enhance and enhance all the sweetness and natural genuineness
250g € 8.50
500g € 14.00
Acacia honey is one of the best-known and most appreciated kinds of honey for its characteristics. Rich in fructose, it has a very sweet taste and a very high sweetening power. The aroma is typically vanilla, and the delicacy of its flavor makes it a sweetener par excellence because it does not alter the flavors. Thanks to its liquid state, it can be easily used in beverages and food even at low temperatures.
Ingredients, certification, storage
Our bees live in the least polluted places in the Italian hills and mountains. We do not feed them with any sugar substance. We let the honey ripen in the hives and the processing takes place with steel and glass materials. For the health of bees, no synthetic chemical or antibiotics are used.

Organic certification

Conservation method
Store in a cool and dry place, away from light and heat sources.
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