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PROPOLAIR propolis diffusers use glass capsules containing the highest quality propolis. In fact, we choose propolis of strictly Italian origin from beekeepers who implement the biological protocol. The capsules are compatible with all models.
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P+B Propolis and Boswellia capsules € 18.00
BIO Propolis Capsules € 25.00
P+B CAPSULES contain Italian Propolis 95% and Boswellia Serrata 5%, a resin used in ancient Ayurveda medicine, renowned for its beneficial activities on the respiratory tract and for its anti-inflammatory properties. Such synergy exalts the properties of propolis, enhancing its benefits.
The capsules are also in BIO version: 100% Italian Organic Propolis, to offer the guarantee of propolis even more safe, healthy and active.
BIO Propolis Capsules: Ingredients, certification, storage
Each capsule is for single-use and it is compatible with all models. It has an operating life of approximately 122 hours. After such time, it is necessary TO RESET  the diffuser and replace the capsule to start a new cycle. To get the best results in the prevention of respiratory diseases and for a complete environmental sanitation, KONTAK recommends the use of the diffuser 24 hours/7 days a week. Capsules are made of glass, ecological, and recyclable material par excellence. The transparency of glass reveals the purity of ingredients, only pure quality propolis, as found in nature.
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