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WOODEN diffusers

For wood lovers, KONTAK offers the refinement of PROPOLAIR wooden conical diffusers. Whit a real wood finish, they are ideal for any room: offices, waiting rooms, shops, and public places. They are available in four shades of color: natural, cherry, wenge, and bleached oak.
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L1 Wooden diffuser € 160.00
L2 Propolis diffuser with Ionizer € 190.00
L3 Propolis diffuser with Ionizer and Fan € 215.00
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L1 model
The L1 diffuser sanitizes the air, thanks to the selective release of the volatile fraction of propolis. PROPOLAIR diffusers heat the propolis, contained in a special capsule, to the melting point of the waxy fraction, gradually bringing it to the optimal temperature to allow sublimation and thus release the volatile fraction. L1 model guarantees coverage of 30 square meters and uses exclusively KONTAK propolis capsules.
L2 model
Through the process of ionization, the propolis molecules released into the air, assume a negative electrical charge and attract the opposite polarity particles Positively charged volatile airborne particles such as bacteria, mould spores, and fungi are then attracted to and treated by the antiseptic and antibiotic properties of propolis. Dust and other airborne particles are also trapped by the propolis volatiles and are forced out of suspension to the ground. In this way, biological and chemical pollutants are removed from the air, creating a sanitized environment with all the added benefits for our respiratory systems,
The L2 model guarantees coverage up to 30 square meters and uses exclusively KONTAK propolis capsules.
L3 model
L3 wooden model is equipped with Ionizer and a Fan, which doubles the range of action of the ionized propolis up to saturate rooms of 60 m². It is advisable to use it during the day, as the fan could disturb sleep in subjects sensitive to noise. The diffuser uses exclusively KONTAK propolis capsules.

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