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Kids Organic Propolis Syrup 150ml

Kids Organic Propolis Syrup was formulated with Echinacea, which carries out an immunostimulating activity, with Ribes Nigrum with powerful anti-inflammatory and antihistamine properties, and with Carpino which, at the level of the upper airways, exerts an anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic and cicatrizing action, while at lung level it has antispasmodic properties. Designed specifically for the needs of the little ones, it is useful for the body to deal with seasonal problems.
€ 10.00
Kids Organic Propolis Syrup is a food supplement with concentrated apple juice, honey, propolis and extracts of balsamic plants with a soothing action for the oral cavity.

Recommended use
2 tablespoons per day, pure or diluted in a little water. SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE.

Ingredients, certification, storage
Why choose Italian Organic Propolis
All products of the PROPOLIT line are based on Italian organic propolis of the highest quality, useful for promoting the body's physiological defenses, for the relief and well-being of the oral cavity. A formula rich in active ingredients, certified by the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, PROPOLIT guarantees the origin and quality of 100% organic and pure propolis. Ideal for both adults and children, thanks to the alcohol-free version designed specifically for the little ones. To protect a pure and healthy naturalness, all the ingredients used are organic. Furthermore, the Italian origin of propolis guarantees maximum rigor in analyzes and certifications.
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